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More Cost Savings Through Efficiency

What better way is there to reduce effort than through automation?  By definition, automation requires little or no effort.  I led a large service desk for a retailer, and one of the tools my team developed was a dashboard.  When a call came in, through phone digit information we were able to get the store # of the calling store, and then use CTI to ‘ping’ every network device in the store, reach into the change management system to pull any changes in that store in the last 48 hours, and reach into the service ticket database to gather open high severity tickets for that store location.  A multi-tabbed dashboard was ‘popped’ to the agent 2 seconds before the call reached the headset.  By the time the agent gave his or her greeting, the agent knew who was calling and had a pretty good idea why they were calling.

Similarily, while in the interaction, data can be automatically moved from one screen to another and used to prepopulate screens, or ‘push’ search terms to another part of the screen or another screen.

So, when brainstorming approaches to efficiency, don’t forget the most efficient method; automation!


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