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Quotes For My Book

“In this book, Brian Flagg makes the case for a powerful transformation of the support center. He shows why metrics-based thinking isn’t sound strategy, why the combination of talented people and robust knowledge makes a difference, and how employee engagement saves money—big money. He digs deeply into each area covered in the book. If you want to step into a new era of support center, this book is an essential reference. Keep it close at hand; I know I will.” – Roy Atkinson, well-known writer and analyst on support center and customer service topics.


“Brian offers a wealth of solid information and thought leadership on how to create and sustain a successful contact center operation. Brian explains in language we can all understand what works and what doesn’t. This book is a must read for any contact center manager interested in taking their operation to the next level.”  – Barbara Burke, Consultant and Author of The Napkin, Melon and the Monkey.


“I would recommend reading and referencing this book, not only the front line management (tactical perspectives)  but the senior level management (strategic perspectives) for better focus on the value of servicing the Customer  (service, sales, experience, loyalty, etc.).”  – David E. Hadobas President, CEO and Founder CCNG International, Inc.


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