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Why We Don’t Want to Hear From You

For those companies that do not have a brick-and-mortar presence, why don’t you want me to call you?  With the availability of voice and data analytics, I contend a 10 minute phone call is very valuable.  We get to understand brand sentiment, we get input on customer product likes and dislikes, we get input on customer service likes and dislikes, we get to ask questions and capture responses.  How much usable and actionable information do you get when a prospect visits your web site?  Sure, you might get an understanding of how many visitors are clicking on what links, what pages are visited most often, how long the visitor stays on a page and the path visitors take through your pages.  Sure, the cost of collecting this data is low, but so is the robustness and value of the content.

So, why are customer service contact centers so maniacally focused on talk time or handle time?  Why are they so focused on cost reduction and ‘shedding’ calls?  And, where are these calls going?  To the company website where the quality and robustness of the data we can get is minuscule in comparison to what we can get in a phone call?  If a 5 minute call is valuable isn’t a 10 minute call more valuable?  Sure, maybe not twice as valuable, but you really need to ask; do we want to stop at 5 minutes?  Time for a reality check here.  If you are paying $12 per hour for your agents, 5 minutes cost you $1.  How much is your company spending on your marketing budget to get that 5 minutes of intelligence?  Oh, so you are shedding your calls to your IVR are you?  Great if you are using a voice-recognition IVR and you are recording and running voice analytics on your IVR interactions.  If not, what intelligence are you gathering?

Raise your hand if you are in marketing and would like to have more intelligence about your customer.  Keep your hands raised if you are spending a good deal of money getting the intelligence you need, and keep them raised if you are in fact getting the intelligence you need.

So, instead of focusing on cost per call, now more than ever as companies are primarily virtual, why are we not focusing on value per call?


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