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Brian Flagg is a 21-year veteran of the Support Center industry, leading support centers for such companies as IBM and Target, and an author and presenter.  He recently published “Contact Center Excellence” which is now available on and other online sites.  He freely shares his experience and expertise in the many articles he has published, conference presentations he has given, as well as discussion postings and webinars.  His expertise covers such areas as strategy, managing variability, knowledge management, strategic hiring, engagement and quality management.

Brian is available for consultation, leadership seminars and training and industry conference speaking engagements.  He can be found here


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi there. I am glad to have found your blog. Part of my job involves overseeing a very small government contact centre/question department in Australia. Currently dealing with that old chestnut whereby a functional area does an information release using the contact centre’s number and not telling anyone about it let alone providing supporting documentation etc. Does your book contain ideas or tools with this sort of thing, ie, protocols for functional areas etc?

    • Apologies as I can not decipher your first name from your email address and I don’t like to reply without more of a personalized message. I believe the problem you cite is a cross-industry one. I have been in a number of industries and horizontals from retail to technology to tech support and I always see instances wherein a communication is released and the contact centre is caught unaware and volume spikes result. And, not only spikes, but a frantic search for answers to the callers’ questions. Some organizations can be talked into change management, ensuring that customer, whether external or internal, goes through a process wherein the proper stakeholders are notified. This is a good topic for an article! Unfortunately, my book does not give guidance in this specific area, it rather speaks to broad areas such as strategy, maturity, hiring, knowledge management, managing variability and quality management. It is really not a how-to manual but rather challenging ideas to help leaders take the next step (or two) forward.

      • empressnasigoreng on said:

        THanks for that, Brian. My name is Catherine but I am blogging ‘undercover’ – hence the pseudonym. It is disappointing that this is an industry wide phenomenum as it just seems such basic common sense. I think I might try and develop a process or protocol myself and might even try and publish an article about it. If you would like to email me, I would be happy to send you my professional contact details and a copy of my process or article once I have completed it.

  2. Does this site have a page on Facebook?

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